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FEE STRUCTURE : B.Tech (2019-20)

B.Tech 1st Year/B.Tech 2nd Year Lateral Entry
B.Tech 2nd Year/B.Tech 3rd Year Lateral Entry B.Tech 3rd Year/B.Tech 4th Year Lateral Entry
B.Tech 4th Year
Tuition Fee 76,709.00  76,709.00  76,709.00 65,200.00
Student Affairs Fee
5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00 5,000.00
Examination Fee  7,500.00
Caution Money 5,000.00
Admission Fee  1,000.00
Total  95,209.00  81,709.00  81,709.00  70,200.00

* Fee decided by Admission and Fee Regulation Authority, Uttar Pradesh.

Note : Any Increase in the Fee By the AKTU, will be Chargeable to Students

The Examination Fee Rs. 7,500.00 is to be paid separately, by the Existing Students of  2nd /3rd /4th year, during the Filling of Examination Form.


HOSTEL FEE – 42,000.00 (Per Annum) for all students who opt for the hostel.