Mechanical Engineering Department

About Department

The department motto is “do it with less energy and great efficiency”

Mechanical engineering is a diverse subject that derives its breadth from the need to design and manufacture everything from small individual parts and devices to large systems. A mechanical engineer is supposed to take a product from an idea to marketplace. The vertical horizons of mechanical engineering discipline exposes student with a variety of    career options including Mechatronics, Aeronautical engineering, Robotics, Future Transportation Systems, medicine, consulting, management, banking, finance and so on etc.

Mechanical engineering department is working since institute started commenced in 2004. The department grooms a student to an extent that he/she can excel in the field of technology independently. Our students are well trained for latest industrial technology and have good knowledge in the subjects of their curriculum. The skills are inculcated into the students through hand on experience through experiments in labs. State-of-the-art laboratories of the department provide ample opportunities to the students to undertake meaningful project’s apart from practice session of laboratory courses. Some of the project worth to mention are:

  • Zero Turning Radius Car
  • Pneumatic Powered Drilling Machine
  • Hovercraft Model
  • Prototype of Multi-storey parking system

Mechanical Engineering Labs :-

  • Theory of Machine Lab

  • Refrigeration and Air conditioning Lab

  • Engineering Mechanics Lab

  • Measurement and Metrology Lab

  • Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

  • Thermodynamics Lab

  • Engineering Graphics Lab

  • Automobile Lab

  • Workshop

  • Fluid Mechanics / Machinery Lab

  • CAD/CAM Lab