Vision & Mission

Vision Fgiet

Holistic development of the young generation for evolving their core competencies and to create world class professionals through value based education targeting National Economy for the benefit of Humanity.


  • To generate high quality human and knowledge resources in our core areas of competence and in emerging areas to make valuable contribution in technology for social and economic development of the nation.
  • To make organized efforts for identification, monitoring and control of objective attributes of quality for continuous enhancement of academic processes, infrastructure and ambiance.
  • To strive steadily for the overall growth and development of intellect and personality of the students equipped with professional ethics, which as professionals, would be confident to meet the challenges of the world.
  • To be an ever-progressive, receptive and responsive to corporate and social obligations in the age of Technological innovations.
  • To improve continuously the quality of teaching-learning process i.e activity based and learner centric classes to prepare professionals to meet the ever changing demands in recent innovation: inculcating curiosity.