Library is located at the second floor of the main building of FGIET. The isolation of the library makes it a peaceful place of the self-study. Library of the Institute is having approximately 26,000 books available for the reading among these there are 1600 different title and 25691 total volumes available for students. Books at the library are categorized as text books, Catalogs, Reference Books, Dictionaries, Technical Manuals, Encyclopedia and Literary Compilations Including Motivational, Spiritual etc. and Competitive Examination guides. Besides standard compilations from renowned authors library also maintains soft section where CD’s/DVD’s from the Authors of the book, Supplementary study material from publisher and software and / or reports of student projects submitted at Institute during the course of the studies are kept. These soft resources are also available for the circulation among the students and faculty members of the Institute. Previous years question paper and semester project reports of student are also kept attacks for reference and motivation purposes.

Branch Title Volume
Aeronautical 32 517
Applied Sciences 263 4635
Computer Science & MCA 303 5211
Mechanical 269 5278
Electronics and Communication 425 7821
Management 65 1056

Library issues books for the student as per declared schedules and slots. Each admitted student is provided with 3-6 tokens for issuing books for their choice from the library excluding the reference books. Reference books and project reports are not meant for the issuance and are issued for the reading purpose only within the library. As per the government of UP guidelines Institute library maintain a separate stock of books for the student of weaker and backward section of the society. Reading area of the library is fully air conditioned to provide a coherent environment for the student to sit and study for longer durations. The circulation of books is software assisted where details for each circulation article and list of enrolled students is maintained. Richness of the library can be estimated from the volumes and Titles of the books for each branch in the Institute.

Library has the subscription online and hardcopy subscription of various Journals and magazine from the prominent publishers ACM, IEEE, Springer, ASME, J-GATE, ELSEVIER, McGraw Hill etc. The online subscription page of Journals areas:

Publisher Link
McGrawHill General Engg
Science Direct
ASTM Digital Library