Humanities Department

About Us

The Department of Humanities comprises of Professional Communication programs. The aim of the department is to cultivate communication skills and social concerns amongst future technocrats. It continuously strives to improve the overall personality of budding technocrats and scientists to prepare them for their professional lives. Intensive care is taken to ensure that students adopt a seamless learning approach towards improving language and social skills. The faculty members of the department take acute interest in research work of interdisciplinary nature, and have published widely in various reputed journals of national and international repute. They are also engaged in various workshops being organized across the country to imbibe new pedagogical tools and keep themselves updated. Several extracurricular learning activities are organized from time to time to develop communication skills and to boost the confidence of the students. The department also has a rich communication lab which facilitates multiple sessions so as to acquire innovative ways of learning R.P. and various intonation patterns to be an effective communicator. It also helps them to inculcate professional communication skills to cope up with stressful situations and to emerge victorious.