Aeronautical Engineering Department

Program Educational Objective(PeO)

  • To provide students sound knowledge in Physics chemistry, mathematics and engineering so that they are able to succeed in the engineering field and higher studies.
  • To provide good theoretical and practical knowledge of Aeronautical engineering so that students are able to get employment in the aeronautical field.
  • To provide broad knowledge to students to develop the ability to analyze design and creates products for the benefit of society with good communication skills, team work and multi disciplinary approach.
  • To prepare and guide the students for lifelong learning which is necessary for a successful career in Aeronautical engineering and other fields.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Professional Skill – Graduates will be able to solve complex aeronautical engineering problems related to various forces acting on aircraft in air.
  • Design and development – Graduates will be able to design and develop various aircraft structure design and calculate load factors.
  • Successful career – Graduate will be able to work in teams to develop solution for various propulsion systems used for modern aircraft such low fuel consumption, less carbon emissions low noise etc.