MCA Department

Programme Educational Outcomes(PeO)

  • To make student appreciate the necessity of data, communication and computation infrastructure for society and business.
  • To encourage student to have hand on experience with the classical problems and their solution design methodologies using upcoming technologies.
  • Encourage student to use simulation and modeling tools to validate their algorithms and work for continuous improvement.
  • Enable a student to work independently as well as a team member to deliver within constraint limits as a professional.
  • Develop the department and student to expectation of society and industry.

Programme Specific Outcomes(PsO)

  • To make aware of the history of computing and communication infrastructure.
  • Introduce students with problem analysis and formulation techniques
  • Hands on experience with main stream off the syllabus programming languages.
  • Conceptualizing with the modern paradigm of software deployment especially Clouds
  • Introduction to the automated learning techniques in business decision making.
  • To encourage students to take up near to real life projects a self assessment exercise